Q How can I apply to rent one of Keniston’s homes?
A We let most of our homes to people who are on council Choice Based Lettings schemes. You should apply through your local council. We have our own waiting list for sheltered housing which is sometimes open for new applicants.

Q What is sheltered housing?
A These are flats for older people. A Sheltered Scheme Manager is employed to ensure that the support needs of residents are met. You can make your own arrangements for personal care but we do not provide it. A small charge is currently payable for the service provided by the Sheltered Scheme Manager. There is also an emergency intercom for use in an emergency.

Q Who do I ring when the office is shut?
A The Keniston Office is open Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm.  We provide an out of hours service for emergency repairs and loss of heating or hot water. Please call 01689 889700. You will be able to choose the option for BAS for out of hours repairs or Clairglow for heating and hot water loss.

Q How can I pay my rent?
A You can set up a direct debit, standing order, pay over the internet or phone the office to pay by debit card. See here for more information.

Q How do I exercise my Right to Buy?
A For most residents this is a new scheme but the details are still being worked on by the Government.  As of yet we are unsure as to when this might happen.  You cannot apply in advance but you can register your interest on the government’s website. Our Right to Buy page has more information.

Q How do I get a transfer?
A Please speak to your Housing Officer first. You need to meet our criteria before we can accept you.

Q How do I make a complaint?
A You can call or visit the office and ask for a complaint form or you can also complete an online form via our website. Just type COMPLAINT in the search bar of the home page.

Q How do I report anti-social behaviour?
A First, please speak to your Housing Officer. Call 01689 889700. We may ask you to complete and send us diary sheets if the problem is ongoing.

Q When will my kitchen be upgraded?
A We have a programme for replacing kitchens. We expect them to last a reasonable time and we plan to replace them so we can spread the cost. Please see our Planned Works or call the Resident Liaison Officer for more information.

Q How can I get more involved?
A We appreciate it when residents want to give us their time to get involved. You can get involved in a number of different ways including our Residents Panel, Scrutiny Panel, estate walkabouts and residents’ meetings. Please see our page for more information or contact Lynn Russ, Engagement & Communications Officer on 01689 889700 or lynnruss@kenistonha.co.uk.

Q How can I report a repair?
A Please phone the office on 01689 889700 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. You can also report your repair on our website.  Keniston has a text service. You can report a repair by texting REPAIR to 07376 617 616.

Q How can I get a rent statement?
A You can get your rent statement online by registering for the ‘My Tenancy’ service. You can also request a balance of your rent account by using our text messaging service.  Simply text BAL to 07376 617 616 from a mobile phone that has been registered with us.  Alternatively you can request a statement by calling our Customer Service team on 01689 889700 during office hours.