Making changes to your home


You can improve your home as long as you get our permission first. You will have to pay for any improvements you make.





Types of improvement include:

  • an additional fire or radiator
  • building a patio or drive or
  • putting up a shed.

When you start thinking about making improvements talk to the Technical Officer. You must not start work on carrying out the improvements until we have written to give you permission. You must also check with your local council to see if building regulations approval or planning permission is needed. You can redecorate your home using suitable paint or wallpaper without asking us for permission.

If you have any kind of disability or mobility problems and you are finding it hard to manage in the property please ask our Technical Officer for his advice. We may be able to provide an adaptation which can make things easier for you.

If you do carry out improvements you will become responsible for any repairs connected with those improvements. If we have to do any work as a result of your improvements you may be charged.

We don’t usually allow you to change the size or number of rooms. If you live in a flat or maisonette we don’t allow you to fit laminate flooring – it is too noisy for neighbours.

When you leave the property you must put everything back to its original condition. If you don’t do this, we will charge you for doing whatever is necessary to reinstate our property.

There is a right to compensation for carrying out improvements. You must follow the procedure to obtain this compensation. Please ask for further information.

Light bulbs – please be aware that you are responsible for changing your own light bulbs in the property. Residents often ask us how to change a 2D bulb which is mostly found in bathrooms. You can find an instructional video on our YouTube channel here: Changing a 2D light bulb