Have your say

This page includes information about the ways you can make your views known, any current surveys we are asking you to complete and the results of surveys.



How you can make your views known

We are committed to involving our residents in developing, shaping and evaluating our services. If you want to have your say and influence our housing services, you can get involved in the following ways:

High level involvement

  • Become a resident member of Keniston’s Board
  • Join the resident Scrutiny Panel
  • Become a Tenant Inspector
  • Take part in a service review

Medium level involvement

  • Join or start a residents’ group
  • Work on projects to improve your surroundings

Low level involvement

  • Give us your views by joining the Residents’ Panel
  • Complete surveys
  • Proof-read documents
  • Be part of our editorial panel for Talkback newsletter
  • Volunteer to help at community events
  • Join senior staff and your housing officer on Management Team Walkabouts at your estate
  • Contribute at general residents meetings
  • Attend training courses

For more information on getting involved, please contact:

Name: Lynn Russ – Community Involvement Officer
Phone: 01689 889700
Email: lynnruss@kenistonha.co.uk