Dealing with asbestos

Warning triangle

Asbestos was used in some building materials until 2000. Asbestos is dangerous and causes a condition known as asbestosis, which can be fatal. There are different types of asbestos and some are less harmful than others.

We have had our properties surveyed to find out where we have asbestos. There is very little high risk asbestos left in our properties. If there is any it is usually because of removing it is problematic. Where it has been left, we have taken steps to ensure that it does not pose a risk to anyone. The risk increases when asbestos is disturbed, broken or drilled into.

Many of our properties have low risk asbestos because it was often added to commonly used building materials. In our properties low risk asbestos exists in artex (a textured ceiling finish), some floor tiles and the adhesive for floor tiles. Where this is the case and these materials are in good condition, they can be left without risk as long as they are undisturbed. You should not puncture, drill or cut into these areas; you must not remove them nor break them up. If you are concerned about anything to do with asbestos in your home please contact the Property Services Team.

It is our responsibility to manage any asbestos in your home. We have a record of where the risk areas are and you can ask for information about your home at any time.

There is more information about asbestos on the Health and Safety Executive’s website

You can view our information leaflet here:

A guide to asbestos