Sheltered Housing


If you are 62 years of age and want to rent sheltered accommodation you can apply direct to Keniston.

Sheltered housing is the name given to housing schemes for retired or older people where there is support available in an emergency.  Sheltered housing enables you to live independently and all the flats are fully self-contained.  If a resident has an emergency they can use an alarm system in their flat to call for help.  The call will either go through the Sheltered Scheme Manager or to a call centre.  Residents can then speak direct to someone to explain the problem and to ask for assistance.  Some of our schemes have a day time Scheme Manager to offer support and organise activities.

Our sheltered flats are all self-contained and are either a one bedroom or studio flat.  Studio flats have a separate bathroom and kitchen and a combined living room/bedroom.

The flats are let unfurnished.  The total weekly charges include rent, service charge and a support charge.  The service charge includes the costs of services such as lighting, gardening and furniture in a communal lounge.  The support charge covers the costs of the scheme manager and the emergency alarm system.  If you are in receipt of income support or on a low income you may be entitled to help with paying the charges. Please note that Supporting People funding from local authorities has largely been withdrawn and you will probably be liable to pay the support charge yourself.

We have sheltered housing with a Scheme Manager in:
• Darrick Wood, Farnborough, Kent
• Crawley, West Sussex
• Tarling Close, Sidcup, Kent

Other housing for the older people without a Scheme Manager is at:
• Nethewode Court, Belvedere, Kent.

Our waiting list is currently open for sheltered studios at Darrick Wood and Tarling Close.