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Chris Little and tenant talkback

The government has made a number of changes to the benefit system, and there are more changes due in the coming year. In many cases they will reduce benefit from current levels. If you receive any kind of benefit you may be affected.


Other changes on the way

There are other changes coming for social housing rents and help with housing costs:

  • “Right to rent” checks: to ensure that illegal immigrants are unable to establish a settled life in the UK.
  • 1% reduction in social housing rent: From April 2016 and for the next 4 years Keniston will have to reduce the rent by 1%. The Government’s aim is to cut the Housing Benefit (HB) bill.
  • “Pay to stay” scheme for better off tenants: this is a scheme where households with an income above a certain amount will need to pay more rent, if the landlord introduces the scheme.
  • Benefit cap to be reduced further
  • Changes to the temporary absence rules: claimants will only be entitled to get Housing Benefit when they go abroad if their absence is less than 4 weeks .


Please read the information below and on the links in case they affect you. If you are a Keniston tenant and need any further information please ask your Rent Income Officer.


You can check out the following web sites for further information:

The Money Advice Service – a free and impartial service, set up by the government to help people make the most of their money.

You could check your benefits using a benefit calculator on an independent website.

See the government’s website for advice about benefits.

See Save on Energy page for information about changing your energy tariffs and other information about how you can reduce your bills.

See also our Insuring your Contents page for low cost home insurance.


Please click on the following to find out more about:


Benefit cap

Universal Credit


We will keep you up to date on these proposed changes as soon as we have more details.