Our vision and impact

Our mission is to use all our available resources to achieve better homes, better services and better neighbourhoods.

We will improve how we report on our performance to residents and the Board, so that we are more transparent and accountable.

We will focus on equality, diversity and inclusion in everything we do.

We aim to achieve value for money in all our activities.


The Association’s strategic plan was updated in 2021 to reflect changing priorities:

  • We took over the Bickley estate in 2019 and then needed to bring forward our plans for Robert Whyte House.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everything we do and how we do it, including the lives and wellbeing of our residents, our working practices, the way we support staff and how we communicate.
  • We need to take climate change into account and begin working towards ‘net zero carbon’.
  • We need to meet new standards around building safety, the way our organisation is governed and how we involve residents in our work.

You can read more about the Strategic Plan in our publication: Strategic Plan 21-23


Our aims

Homes and neighbourhoods

Keep our homes safe, well maintained, and neighbourhoods healthy, now and into the future.


Deliver good quality, cost-effective services and always put our residents at the heart of what we do.


Invest in our existing stock and provide more homes in the areas where we work.


Achieve excellent standards of governance, and value, support and develop our staff.


Our values underpin everything we do

  •  Respect – we will be courteous and considerate, treat everyone as individuals and value diversity
  • Openness – we will listen, be accessible and communicate clearly
  • Accountability – we will take responsibility for our actions and decisions
  • Honesty – we will say what we mean, accept our mistakes and learn from them
  • Excellence – we take pride in what we do and go beyond what is expected

We describe more about the impact we make in our financial statements and our annual report. These can be found on our Publications page.