Our vision and impact


We want to see:

  • our tenants really happy with the service we provide
  • us providing more homes for people who need them
  • our tenants flourishing individually so that they strengthen communities they live in.

In 2015 our tenant satisfaction survey told us that 95% of our tenants are satisfied with our service.
In the last two years we have added 15 new homes to our housing stock.
We are working with the local community to provide training courses

Our values guide us in delivering our vision:

  • Respect: we will be courteous and considerate, treat everyone as individuals and value diversity
  • Openness: we will listen, be accessible and communicate clearly
  • Accountability: we will take responsibility for our actions and decisions
  • Honesty: we will say what we mean, accept our mistakes and learn from them
  • Excellence: we take pride in what we do and go beyond what is expected.

We describe more about the impact we make on in our annual report and Value for Money report. These can be found in Publications.