Resident Involvement


“Want to have your say and get involved?  There are many ways that you can do exactly that.  Please contact Lynn Russ Engagement & Communications Officer for further details on 01689 889700 or email


Summary of Resident Involvement in 2015-16

Our resident panel gives us valuable feedback on our policies and current housing issues. For example, residents commented on our 5-year business plan and told us that they were concerned about the rents and affordability and the effect of fixed term tenancies on sustainable communities. if you are interested in joining the panel and finding out about the issues that affect social housing today and in the future and having your say, please contact Lynn Russ.

Many residents have commented on local issues that concern them. For example, residents got together at Foxley Hall to discuss options to address a parking problem. In the end the residents decided to stay as they are.

Our social media is going well. Our Facebook serves to provide residents with lots of local information. We have a ‘Keniston Gossip page’ where tenants are invited to interact with us and challenge us on any housing topics. If you want to see more, please ‘like’ us on our Facebook page.

 We continue to fund a youth service for young people aged 8 – 18 at our Darrick Wood community centre, where young people can learn how to cook or do craftwork for example, and is an opportunity for young people to discuss the issues that face them today.

Last year we held a fun day at Darrick Wood which the residents themselves organised and paid for out of their funds. Other fun days were held at Nethewode Court and Burnhill House where local agencies were invited such as the Dogs Trust, local Police and organisations which gave welfare benefit advice.

The Darrick Wood Community group continues to work well, meeting regularly to arrange training courses and social activities for residents on the estate. Residents have enjoyed beauty courses, first aid courses, food safety and IT courses. If you would like to join the Darrick Wood Community group, please contact Lynn Russ.

 We carry out regular Management Team Walkabouts at each scheme where you are invited to join us and tell us anything you think we should know about your local estate. Please keep an eye on the website for dates when we will be visiting your estate.

If you have anything you would like to tell others about, then please talk to us and we can feature your story in our Talkback magazine.

We continue to carry out regular scheme meetings and details of this will be shown on the website, although you will receive a flier about it. Please do come along, we will be pleased to see you.

Our resident involvement impact statement can be found on our publications page.