Resident Involvement


“Want to have your say and get involved?  There are many ways that you can do exactly that.  Please contact Lynn Russ Engagement & Communications Officer for further details on 01689 889700 or email


Summary of Resident Involvement in 2019-20

We recruited two new members to our Resident Panel.

Our Resident Panel give us valuable feedback on our policies, publications and current housing issues. For example, the panel commented on the new Domestic Abuse bill and helped us to review Selection & Allocation policy.

We launched a new campaign to recruit more members to our Scrutiny Panel. As a result, we have three residents interested in taking part. The next stage is to source some training and equip members with the skills needed to perform the next Scrutiny review.

If you are interested in joining the Resident Panel or want to know more about Scrutiny, please contact Lynn Russ.

Many residents have commented on local issues that concern them. For example, residents got together at Bickley to discuss the new gardening contract. Darrick Wood residents have also commented on their thoughts for additional housing at the scheme.

The audience for our social media pages continues to grow. Our Facebook serves to provide residents with lots of local information, important updates and an additional means of communicating with us. We have launched a YouTube channel and are in the process of creating content. We recently shared a video on changing a 2D light bulb. This may not sound very interesting, however, residents quite often ask us how to change these bulbs, so now they can watch the tutorial which we filmed in one of our vacant homes. If you want to see more, please search for Keniston Housing on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

We provided computer drop-in sessions at Darrick Wood and Bickley in partnership with Bromley Experts By Experience. These sessions offered basic skills in getting online. Some residents went on to continue their classes with Bromley XbyX and develop their skills.

We continue to fund a weekly youth service for young people aged 8 – 15 at our Darrick Wood community centre, where young people can learn how to cook or do craft work for example and is an opportunity for young people to discuss the issues that face them today.

Each year, a fun day is held at Darrick Wood which the residents themselves organise and pay for out of their group funds. As well as this, the Darrick Wood Community group provided residents with a summer trip to Hastings and a trip to Polhill garden centre. They also funded courses including massage and first aid. Keniston funded a fun day at Lyham Road in Brixton for residents and their families. We were kindly gifted the use of a bouncy castle from a local company.

We carry out regular Management Team Walkabouts at each scheme where you are invited to join us and tell us anything you think we should know about your local estate. Dates for 2022:

10:30am Wednesday 9 February – Perryfield House / Sunningdale Court

10.30am Wednesday 9 March – Hornsey Road / Tollington Park / Silver Court / Byers Court

10:30am Wednesday 6 April – Burnhill House

10.30am Wednesday 20 April – Darrick Wood

10.30am Wednesday 11 May – Pound Green Court / Dromore

10.30am Wednesday 15 June – Merrow Street / Hayles Street / Elliotts Row

10.30am Wednesday 13 July – Lyham Road

10.30am Wednesday 10 August – Southwood Close / Whites Meadow

10:30am Wednesday 14 September – Foxley Hall

10:30am Wednesday 12 October – Nethewode Court

10:30am Wednesday 9 November -Tarling Close

If you have anything you would like to tell others about, then please talk to us and we may feature your story in our Talkback magazine which is published three times a year.

We carry out regular scheme meetings and details of this will be shown on the website, although you will receive a flyer about it and text reminders. Please do come along, we will be pleased to see you.

Our resident involvement impact statement can be found on our publications page.