What people think of us

We carry out a survey every three years to see how satisfied you are with our service. This is a very important measure of whether we are achieving one of our key objectives. We carried out a survey in 2015 and the headline results are

Satisfaction with 2015 2012 Benchmark
Overall service 95% 93% 94%
Quality of the home 93% 90% 91%
Value for money of rent 89% 87% 89%
Repairs and maintenance 93% 91% 89%
Value for money of service charge 84% 79% 83%
Neighbourhood 90% 89% 93%
Listens to views and acts on them 95% 93% 85%


You can read more about the survey here. {insert link}

Please also see our annual report {insert link}.

Providing more homes for people who need them

In 2014 we finished building 14 flats in Islington and in 2015 we bought one additional flat.