Going Green

We are working in partnership with Groundwork who provides the Green Doctor. Green Doctors are independent, impartial experts and are working in our communities across our homes, offering practical support to people, often those most at risk of fuel poverty that helps them to make their homes more environmentally friendly and cheaper to run.

The Green Doctor can explain your bill, compare current tariffs to check you are on the cheapest energy tariff, and if not, can switch you to save money if you want. The Green Doctors will also ensure you are receiving any discounts you may be entitled to.

The Green Doctor has worked effectively with our residents in different areas to help them compare current tariffs to check they are on the cheapest energy tariff, and helping with utility debts and in some cases have applied for grants to get the debt written off.

For more information on our Green Doctor please click here


In addition, we actively look at ways in which we can reduce waste and CO2 as much as possible and we do the following:

  • boiler upgrades are of appliances with at least energy rating A when we upgrade heating installations
  • use water saving fittings in bathroom refurbishments
  • insulate lofts in houses to at least 150mm
  • encourage and facilitate recycling initiatives where we can.

We have also:

  • carried out a pilot of a solar thermal installation for gas central heating
  • have the facility for and encourage 2 sided printing
  • distributed low energy light bulbs and “power down” devices
  •  cut down on duplicate magazines and printed materials
  • used the Building Research Establishment’s “Eco Homes XB” tool to help establish priorities for action
  • contracted for recycling paper in the office
  • installed photo voltaic cells on the roof of the office to generate electricity.

In conjunction with architects Broadway Malyon, we were awarded government funding to achieve an 80% reduction in CO2 in a single house. This included the installation of photovoltaic cells, a ground source heat pump, low volume radiators, new appliances and triple glazing.