Value for Money

The regulator for social housing requires that we publish a Value for Money statement each year, looking not only at how we have managed Keniston’s money but also how we have added value. In the statement we describe where we have saved money, how we work to ensure we obtain good value, specific reviews that we have undertaken, comparisons of our performance over time and against similar organisations and the social value of what we do.

We saved money during the year by working with the South East Consortium, an organisation which arranges cost effective purchasing mostly in property related matters. In particular we have continued to save money on lift installations and servicing – which will reduce the costs of service charges. As mentioned above, our responsive repair costs were below budget again. We checked and can confirm that our properties give a satisfactory financial return. We have also saved money by going to a new phone provider for landlines.

Please note that from 2018, our Value for Money reports are no longer published separately and are included within the Financial Statements