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Posted on the 1st July 2016

As you will have heard, Housing Associations face a period of change, for example rent reduction and pressure to deliver more from less.  Housing Associations are encouraged to consider mergers as a way to achieve this.

We are not actively looking for a merger partner but we are open to looking at serious offers which would enable us to deliver our priorities. There are no mergers being considered at present.

Our priorities for merger would be with an organisation which:

  • Is in, or very close to, our geographical area of operation
  • Will help deliver the development of more homes and work creation opportunities for tenants
  • Will enable Keniston to contribute its service delivery skills to improve satisfaction to a wider range of tenants
  • Enables our values to be taken forward into the new organisation
  • Is what the tenants involved want
  • Does not result in a deterioration of service or satisfaction to existing residents

Of course no merger opportunity will be a perfect fit for these priorities but they will provide some kind of measure to assess any opportunities by.

A merger proposal should also be able to demonstrate that efficiencies will be gained in the longer term.

Organisations who merge are expected to consult with their residents.  Do you think this should take the form of a consultation whereby residents can share their opinions on the proposed merger to help our board make a final decision or whether residents should get the opportunity to vote whether to merge or not?

We would also like your views on our priorities (as above) for assessing any potential merger.  Please e-mail me on with your comments.

Many thanks

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