Estate walkabouts 2023

Posted on the 21st February 2023

Keniston’s residents are invited to join the Management Team and Housing Officers on our visits to Keniston’s housing schemes.  These walkabouts generally last about one hour per site, noting that some walkabouts combine more than one site where nearby. All are held on a Wednesday morning. 

Keniston has carried out these walkabouts for a number of years, aiming to: 

  • Enable office-based staff and board members to have a better understanding of the character of each site from observation and meeting with residents and site-based staff; 
  • With ‘fresh eyes’ to appreciate the opportunities and constraints of local management, and a better understanding of residents’ perceptions and priorities; 
  • Promote mutual understanding and trust between managers, residents, operational and site staff, and board members – demonstrating Keniston to be a visible, listening, responsive and accountable landlord; 
  • Identify potential improvements to communal areas to be considered for the ‘Better Homes Better Neighbourhoods’ programme; 
  • Monitor the quality of estate services; 
  • Identifying any unreported communal area repairs. 

Following the walkabout, the Housing Officer will prepare a note setting out the key findings and follow up action to be taken, to be shared with residents. 


Start time 




10:30 am 

8 February 

Merrow Street/ Hayles Street/ Elliott’s Row 


10.30 am 

8 March 

Bickley – cancelled due to weather

Will now be 26th July


10:30 am 

5 April 

Foxley Hall 


10.30 am 

26 April 

Nethewode Court 


10.30 am 

10 May 

Tarling Close 


10.30 am  

14 June 

Darrick Wood 


10.30 am  

12 July 

Burnhill House 


10.30 am 

9 August 

Lyham Road 


10:30 am  

13 September 

Perryfield House/ Sunningdale Court 


10:30 am  

11 October 

Pound Green Court/ Dromore 


10:30 am  

8 November  

Hornsey Road/ Tollington Park; Silver Court/ Byers Court 


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