This page includes links to our information and documents.



This page contains links to our documents and  publications that you might wish to look at. Please scroll down to see the information available. If you are looking for the results of any of our surveys, these are available on our “Have your say” page.

Annual reports

Annual Report 2016 17

Annual Report 2015 16

Annual Report 2014 15

Annual Report 2013 14


Talkback – residents’ newsletter

Talkback Autumn 2017

Talkback Spring 2017

Talkback Winter 2016

Talkback Summer 2016

Talkback Spring 2016

Talkback Winter 2015


Management Team Walkabouts

Management Team Walkabouts 2017

Management Team Walkabouts 2016


Financial Statements – Keniston Housing Association Limited

Financial Statements March 2017

Financial Statements March 2016

Financial Statements March 2015

Financial Statements March 2014


Strategic plan 2016 2019

Strategic plan 2016 19


Value for Money Reports

Value for Money Report 2017

Value for Money Report 2016

Value for Money Report 2015


Minutes of Board meetings

KHA Board Minutes 19 October 2017

KHA Board Minutes 14 September 2017

KHA Board Minutes 20 July 2017

KHA Board Minutes 15 June 2017

KHA Board minutes 11 May 2017

KHA Board minutes 23 March 2017

KHA Board minutes 26 January 2017

KHA Board minutes 8 December 2016

KHA Board minutes 16 October 2016

KHA Board minutes 15 September 2016

KHA Board minutes 21 July 2016

KHA Board minutes 12 May 2016

KHA Board minutes 24 March 2016

KHA Board minutes 25 February 2016


Satisfaction Surveys and Reports

Satisfaction Survey Report 2016

Tenant Survey Summary 2015

Resident Satisfaction Survey Burnhill House

Resident Satisfaction Survey Lyham Road


Keniston’s Policies

Housing Management Policy

Rent Arrears Policy

Selection and Allocation Policy

Resident Involvement Policy

Safeguarding Adults at Risk and Child Protection Policy

Anti Social Behaviour Policy

Harassment Policy

Starter Tenancy Policy

Service Charge Policy

Pets Policy

Domestic Violence and Abuse Policy

Data Protection Policy

Privacy Policy – Website

Privacy Policy – CCTV

Privacy Policy – Forms

Privacy Statement

Compensation Policy

Downsizing Incentive Scheme Policy


Keniston’s stock reinvestment programme

Stock Reinvestment Programme 2017/18

Stock Reinvestment Programme 2016/17


Resident Involvement

Resident Involvement Impact Statement 2017

Resident Involvement Impact Statement 2016


ICO Registration Details

Registration of Data Controllers 2017 18

Registration of Data Controllers 2016 17



Little Book of BIG scams (Metropolitan Police)

g320 Impact Report 2015-16

Tenant Information – Guide to Asbestos

Tumble Dryer – Health & Safety Advice